NSE Council

The NSE Council is composed by the Deans of the member faculties (or their representative), and four representatives of PhD students and post-doctoral fellows. Although the director of NSE has an advisory role in the council, he also has a vote. The representatives of the associated faculties have an advisory role in the council. All decisions and rules made by the NSE council will be reported and approved by both faculty boards (faculty of engineering (IR) and faculty of sciences and bio-engineering (WE)) before application.

NSE Director

Prof. Dr. ir. Gerd Vandersteen
E-mail: Gerd [dot] Vandersteen [at] vub [dot] be
Tel: 02 629 29 44
Room: 6K430 (Campus Etterbeek)


NSE Council Members

Damya Laoui (WE): Chairman NSE council, Post-doc WE

Gerd Vandersteen (IR): Director of the doctoral school NSE 
Nele Van Schelvergem (R&D, DocBe): Secretaris

Rik Pintelon (IR): Representative of the Dean of Faculty IR
Geert Angenon (WE): Representative of the Dean of Faculty WE

Jens De Pelsmaeker (IR): PhD-researcher IR
Boud Verbeiren (IR): Post-doc IR
Liesbeth Lemmens (WE): PhD-researcher WE


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