NSE PhD Network

The NSE PhD Network is formed by and for PhD students from the faculties WE and IR.

  • You can find us on facebook
  • Read our booklet with answers to many questions
  • Email us with extra questions: nse [dot] phd [dot] network [at] gmail [dot] com

The NSE PhD Network Team

IR PhD day of 2014: The seed of the NSE-PhD network

The organization has three main goals:

  • To enhance social contact between the PhD students of the different departments of WE and IR.
  • To help new PhD students with general questions they might have about studying for a PhD degree at the VUB.
  • To inform Master Degree Students about the PhD program.

Every PhD student from WE and IR is welcome to participate in the NSE PhD Network. If anyone is willing to help with the organization of social events or to help new PhD students, please send an e-mail to nse [dot] phd [dot] network [at] gmail [dot] com. We look forward meeting you at our events.


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