Invitation to my fMRI experiment with a payment of 40 euros

Requirements: Female; Right-handed; Age range: 18-35 years old; No mental disease; no claustrophobia; Normal vision

Content: I would like to invite you to my fMRI experiment about emotion regulation, which is going to be held in UZ Brussels (UZ Jette, op de dienst radiologie, niveau -1, route 945) from September 15 to October 31.  You have two sessions in total with one-hour interval between these two sessions. During the interval, we will provide you a BBC documentary for fun. You will go through scanning for almost 2 hours in total. We will compensate your participation for 40 euros in total. It is interesting that you will receive the training about how to regulate your      emotions. Fox example, if you choose the timeslot from 9:30 to 10:30 in the doodle, you will have a procedure indicated below:

              8:45-9:30: preparation for the fmri experiment

              9:30-10:30: session 1 scanning

              10:30-11:30: Watch BBC documentary

              11:30-12:15: Session 2 scanning

Note: there is no risk for you to do a fmri experiment. Actually, MRI is regarded as an advanced way of conducting medical check nowadays. It is also no exaggeration to say by participating our experiment, you also have a free check with your brain.  However, considering you will lay down in the scanner during the experiment, if you have problems like claustrophobia, you cannot participate the experiment.  Anyway, we have bought all the participants medical insurance in case something happened.

Contact: If you are interested in participation, please send me an e-mail via the address:Yulin [dot] Wang90 [dot] swu [at] gmail [dot] com together with your phone number. If you have further questions, you can always call me via 0485836614