Kekulé-cyclus XVII - Realizing the unimaginable

In Kekulé cycle XVII we explore domains in science and technology in which we expect to see important breakthroughs.

Nobel laureate professor Ben Feringa opens the cycle with a lecture on the development of molecules with unprecedented mechanical properties. That evening we also highlight sustainable chemical synthesis and the growing potential of biotechnology for chemical industry.

Then a promising substance with applications from health care to quantum computing is put into the spotlights: what about diamond? Its properties are exceptional and amazing
thanks to the control of defects and impurities.

Let us surprise you with topics such as: gravitational waves, brain computer interfaces and artificial intelligence. A related topic is “Big Data”, a fast expanding technology in many fields, for example smart cities. Will “renewable” products from biomass or CO2 deliver on expectations? We indicate the current status of industrial and academic research with special attention for upscaling and open innovation as a possible catalyst.

Finally, we cover new therapies such as camel antibodies, immunotherapy and spinal cord regeneration that will play an important role in the future. With these actual topics the Kekulé cycle wants to create an image of the contribution of science and technology to the future. We kindly invite you to discover these inspiring examples and are looking forward to numerous contacts between students and professionals from education, research and

The 6 lextures are scheduled on 17/10, 07/11, 28/11 in 2017 and on 20/02, 06/03, and 27/03 in 2018. For more information, please consult the attached brochure and the Kekulé website.