Scholarships - Modern Greek Language and culture Courses

Interested in studying Modern Greek? This might be for you! 

This program is intended for foreign nationals, holders of a graduate degree from a non-Greek university outside Greece, who do not permanently reside in Greece. Award is of 8 months duration (usually from October to May) and takes place in any of the public universities in Greece. It covers all levels of language competency.

The program also includes cultural events and educational visits to Greek sites of historical interest.

A certificate of attendance is awarded upon completion of the program.

The application deadline is 11/09/2017. The original documentation shall have a postal seal by this date.

Full application files due to be sent by e-mail are to be sent by this date as well.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome on IKY website:
Anna Karakatsani, tel. 210 3726331, akarakatsani [at] iky [dot] gr (akarakatsani [at] iky [dot] gr)
Email: foreigners [at] iky [dot] gr (foreigners [at] iky [dot] gr)