Applicants wanted: Doctoral Course of the Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University

Kobe University is currently inviting applications to a special entrance examination for the Doctoral Course of the Graduate School of Economics.

<Date of entrance>:
 April 1,2018  (April Enrollment)
 October 1,2018 (October Enrollment

<Application Period>:
  April Enrollment:  September 11, 2017  - September 27, 2017 (deadline)
  October Enrollment:  April 1, 2018 - April 7, 2018 (deadline)

<Application Guidebook & forms>
Potential candidates will have completed a Master's Degree by March 31, 2018(April Enrollment)or by September 30,2017(October Enrollment) at your university and will have the recommendation of either the President of your university or the Dean of your graduate school.