DSH - Scientific integrity and qualitative/quantitative research design

Scientific integrity and qualitative/quantitative research design

Room: E0.06 Campus Etterbeek

Date: MONDAY 03/07/2017




Dr Hubert Van Puyenbroeck, Researcher faculty of Psychology & Educational Sciences & FLAMES coordinator

Prof dr Kurt Barbé, professor (bio)statistics & FLAMES representative of VUB

Prof dr Karen François, director doctoral school of human sciences & FLAMES chair and representative of VUB

Short Content

During this one day seminar we first will give an overview of international European, national and institutional regulations on scientific integrity and the differences with the role of the ethical committee at our university.

We try to make clear how your doctoral research is related to ethical issues and scientific integrity and how to improve your research proposal in order to meet the criteria on ethics and scientific integrity. The best way to do so is to start from a strong research proposal. Both qualitative and quantitative research proposals are considered.

It is the responsibility of any researcher to ensure that all standards related to the trustworthiness of a scientific study are met. This also includes standards for judging qualitative research. In this seminar concepts of scientific integrity, truthfulness, and accountability are discussed within a framework for scientific integrity of qualitative oriented research.

Statistics is besides a crucial tool for the processing of data a sub-discipline of mathematics. Mathematics operates under strict conditions under which the methods are guaranteed to work optimally. Departures of such conditions lead to sub-optimal results or may even completely the applicability of the methods. As a result, researchers must critically assess their data and the preferred methods. A useful tool to critically visit data is through descriptive statistics and visual techniques. By contrasting the results from a preliminary visual/descriptive and the preferred method, one can verify the validity of the imposed conditions.

Participant can bring their own research proposal and research design to work on during the interactive afternoon workshop.



Free of charge for PhD students

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