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While doing an Erasmus exchange in Europe you can receive an Erasmus grant to support in your expenses while studying abroad. Research by the Erasmus Student Network has shown that this grant on average covers 50-60% of the expenses that are made while abroad.

The Grant amount is settled annually by the National Agency for European programs in Flanders, called EPOS. Flemish students that receive a scholarship by the Flemish government will receive an additional top-up of 100 EUR. 

Because the cost of living is different throughout Europe, there are different grant amounts awarded depending on the Erasmus destination you choose to do your mobility.

Below you can find an overview of the allocated grants* per type of country and type of exchange.

  CATEGORY 1 Category 2 Category 3
Studies 335 EUR 285 EUR 235 EUR
Studies with a scholarship 435 EUR 385 EUR 335 EUR
Traineeship 435 EUR 385 EUR 335 EUR


*The amounts mentioned are the grants awarded in the academic year 2016-2017, the exact figures for the academic year of 2017-2018 can differ.

The grant will be paid out in two instalments. To receive your first instalment containing 70% of your grant, you should present us with the following documents:

1. Learning Agreement signed by all three parties involved:

o    Yourself
o    the Vrije Universiteit Brussel
o    your exchange coordinator of your host university

2. Certificate of Arrival
3. Grant Agreement
4. You have filled in the Online Linguistic Support Test, part 1

Concretely this means that you will receive this grant after arrival at the Host Institution. 

The remaining 30% will be transferred to you after:

1. You have sent in the Certificate of Departure.
2. You have filled in the Online Linguistic Support Test, part 2
3. You have sent us the Transcript of Records or when we receive this through your host institution.
4. You have filled in the Online Erasmus+ Survey.

You will thus receive this upon return from your exchange. 



For the exchange programs for destinations outside of Europe there are specific regulations per program that is offered. 

Generieke Beurzen

650 EUR 

850 EUR with Scholarship* 

Return Flight covered
Priority Country Program

650 EUR /

850 EUR with Scholarship*

Max 2600 EUR

Return Flight covered
The Washington Center

 7500 EUR /

9000 EUR with Scholarship*


Additional costs to be made:
•    7500 USD Program Fee
•    5150 USD Housing Fee    
•    60 US Application Fee
•    +/- 320 USD Visa Fee
CREPUQ No Scholarship  No Tuition Fee
 VLIR - UOS Reisbeurzen  1x 1000 EUR  

*the additional funding for students with a scholarship is only applicable if you receive a scholarship or “studietoelage” by the Flemish government.


Belgian students (*) who experience difficulties financing their study period abroad, can apply for an exchange grant, which you not have to pay back. With this exchange grant, you can finance the study costs abroad for transport, housing, study books, etc. In order to receive this grant, there are general and specific conditions you have to comply to.

If you are not entitled to an exchange grant, you can always contact the ‘Sociale Dienst Studenten’ to see if you are eligible for another kind of financial support, if you experience difficulties in paying all the study expenses related to your international exchange. All your questions will be treated confidentially and your specific situation will be taken into account. (*) Some EU/EEA-students can be entitled if they live in Belgium for at least five years or if they (or their parents) worked in Belgium at least one year. Non-EEA-students can be entitled if they have a permanent residence in Belgium.