Going Abroad

Going abroad may be a life changing experience. Find out all exchange possibilities for your faculty.

DURING YOUR STUDIES:                                                        

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"Go abroad and do it well.."

"Choose a place where you will be immersed in a new world, out of your comfort zone.  That would be my advice.

This will be appreciated by your future employers, it is supported by grants, coached by VUB staff, controlled and supervised through VUB partnerships, it enriches your multicultural skills and will give you self-confidence.

We work hard to build Internationalisation @ home features in the VUB curricula and in the daily student’s reality, but real mobility is for those who want an extra experience, for those that want to build an international network of friends for life and future professional colleagues and for those who really want to feel at home worldwide."

Jan Cornelis, Vice Rector International Policy

"Mobility during your studies is very instructive and fun, 

which might give you enough satisfaction for now, but it is also the onset of upward mobility in your future professional life and career. 

Be flexible, be responsible, acquire the skills to be productive in a multicultural environment and work towards meaningful achievements around the globe. Grasp today, without delay, the opportunities that are offered to you and experience a first or a new international stay abroad.

VUB will do its utmost best to help and coach you so that your international experience will be a positive one. The human capital that you will accumulate is priceless. "

Jacqueline Couder, Head International Relations & Mobility Office