Facilities for working students - Government

For working students who combine their studies with a job in the public service, there are some facilities that make the combination feasible.

Training leave

When you work for the public service, you can obtain Training Leave (in Dutch: Vormingsverlof). To receive the permission to apply for Training Leave, the study programma has to be related to your professional activity.

The Flemish staff regulations (in Dutch: Vlaams personeelsstatuut) for civil servants no longer states the conditions that study programmes have to meet to be eligible for Training Leave, nor is the duration determined. This is the responsibility of each line manager, in order to respond to specific needs. This means the line manager will decide on the duration. More information can be found on the website of the Flemish government and the Federal government (information in Dutch or French). Students working for the public service in Brussels can obtain more information through their employer.

Administrative formalities

You can apply for Training Leave (in Dutch: Vormingsverlof) during enrolling or re-enrolling. If you decide to request Training Leave after the academic year started or if you are taking the Teacher Education (SLO), you can use the form 'Enrolment Working and studying'. This form, completed and signed, needs to be handed in at the Student Administration Center.

When you have requested Training Leave you need to keep a separate Attendance List Working Students for each course you are enrolled for. Your lecturer needs to sign this attendance list after each contact hour you followed. With this list, you are giving a solemn declaration of the number of contact lecture hours that have actually been given and of the lessons you have attended, as well as all legitimate and unofficial absences.

The original lists (copies or scans are not accepted), together with any absence certificates, need to be handed in at the front desk of the Education and Student Administration or sent by post. Deadline for handing in the lists: May 31 at the latest. After signature by the Rector, you will receive an attended statement of punctuality of the lessons followed. This document is intended for your employer.

Career break/Flemish Care Credit

Through a career break, you can temporarily interrupt your career or reduce the number of hours you work (complete interruption, part-time work, 1/5th, 1/4th, 1/3rd) and get some time off to study. You can apply for a career break at your human resource departement. During this career break, you receive a substitute income from the National Employment Office (in Dutch: Rijksdienst voor Arbeidsvoorziening). Application forms and further information can be found on the website of the National Employment Office.

If you work for the Flemish Community you can also interrupt your career or reduce the number of hours you work (complete interruption, part-time work or 1/5th). To do so, you can apply for the Flemish care credit (in Dutch: Vlaams Zorgkrediet).