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VUB has 1265 rooms, including 39 double apartments, 14 studios and several wheelchair accessible rooms.

These rooms are all located on and around the campuses. Take a look inside.

Who gets priority for VUB housing?

To be eligible for a VUB room you have to meet certain conditions. As the demand for VUB rooms is greater than the supply, we use a priority list.


Room rates

The housing contract 2016-2017 of a VUB room lasts 12 months, starting at 23 September 2016 and ending 18 September 2017. Students that finish their studies or do not reapply for a VUB room can reduce this period to 10 months by handing in their keys before 22 July 2017. A shorter rental period is not possible in a VUB room.

The standard rent for the academic year 2017-2018 is:

  • € 302,90 EUR/month for a standard room
  • € 378,60 EUR/month for a single studio
  • € 454, 40 EUR/month for a double flat

The warrant is €250, personal belongings have to be insured personally.

Applying for a VUB room for academic year 2017-2018

  • How?

You can apply for a room through this application form VUB room 17-18

  • When?

1 May

This is the deadline for all applications.

Applications submitted after 1 May will be put on to the waiting list from the first of August.

As of  

15 May

Rooms are allocated according to the basic conditions of allocation and the priority list. Students who receive no allocation, will be put on the waiting list.

8 July

Students who have received a room allocation need to confirm it on 8 July at the latest:

  • Students who did not rent a room during the academic year 2016-2017 need to confirm their room allocation by paying a non-refundable deposit of € 100,00
  • Students who rent a VUB room during academic year 2016-2017 need to formally confirm via an online confirmation form on MY.VUB that they want to keep their room the following year. If they cancel their room after 8 July and before signing the contract they will be charged a fine of € 100,00
  • Students who have not confirmed their allocation by 8 July at the latest, irrevocably lose their right to a VUB room.
  • The allocated rooms that were not confirmed will be immediately assigned to the students on the waiting list
Students who have not confirmed their allocation by 8 July at the latest, irrevocably lose their right to a VUB room.

As of 1 August

Late applications (after 1 May) will be added to the waiting list:

  • Applications from new students will be added in order of priority and in order of application date
  • Applications from senior VUB students have the lowest priority

Rooms that become vacant during the academic year will be assigned to the students on the waiting lis


Housing department: contact and team 

Meet the staff of the Housing Department and the maintenance and repairs crew 'behind the scenes'.

Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus

Brussels Health Campus

[A] Pleinlaan 2
     1050 Brussels
[T] +32(0)2 629 28 31
[F] +32(0)2 629 36 19
[E] huisvesting [dot] housing [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be
[W] my.vub.ac.be/en/vub-room
[O] Mo - Fri: 08:30am - 12:30pm
& 01:30pm - 04:30pm
[A] Laarbeeklaan 107
      1090 Brussels
[T] +32(0)2 477 41 14
[F] +32(0)2 477 41 24
[E] mlcasier [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be
[W] my.vub.ac.be/en/vub-room
[O] Mo, Tue, Thu, Fri: 08:00am - 12:30pm
& 01:00pm - 03:55pm (closed on Wednesday)


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