Things to do

On this page we mention a few 'things to do', ideas of fellow students, locals and Brussels fans. All suggestions are welcome on info [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be.


Spare ribs at Amadeo: Delve into a plate of all you can eat spare ribs at Amadeo. Do alert the waiter when you’re about to burst, because otherwise he will not stop bringing you ribbekes.

Belgian food at Fin de SiècleFin de Siècle serves healthy plates of Belgian classics such as stoemp-saucisse that we miss from home. Perfect to “lay a fondke" before a night of drinking!

African delight at Soleil d'AfriqueAu Soleil d’Afrique takes you to the Congo. Located in the heart of the African Matongé neighborhood, this small restaurant woos its visitors with a warm welcome and excellent dishes. For less than €10 you can fill your belly with honey flavored chicken, grilled goat cheese, Tilapia, Moambe and much more.



A lot at Belga: Café Belga overlooks the Flagey Square and the beautiful ponds of Ixelles. From early in the morning until late at night, people from all over Brussels come together in the Belga bar, whether is it to sip an espresso or to drink heavy beers.

Beer brewed in Brussels at Moeder Lambic: Tired of Delirium, but not of the beers? Moeder Lambic is another beer temple, located slightly off the beaten track. It’s the locals' favourite spot to taste alternative beers.

A nightcap at Café Central: At Café Central you will find yourself sipping coffee among elder artists in the early afternoon and partying to obscure experimental house music while holding a vodka mate at 3AM. During the hours in between you can stretch your legs by walking over the Place Saint Géry and to another nice bar.




At university with the Tent TDs: Almost weekly, student groups from the VUB organize parties in the tent behind the aula Q. Don’t try to wear your good shoes or order a glass of wine. Cheap beer and mud are the main ingredients to these parties.

To historical techno at Fuse: Did you know that the vinyl record and techno music were invented in Belgium? Watch the documentary The Sound of Belgium to learn all about it. With events like I Love Techno and Tomorrowland, little Belgium still plays a key role in the electronic music scene. Intrigued? Party at Fuse, Belgium’s main techno temple since 1994.

With freaks at Madame Moustache: Madame Moustache is one of the few places in the city center where you can dance to both music by The Black Lips and Balkan beats. It’s frequented by freaks rather than geeks or the branché crowd, which makes it an easy accessible dance club. Also don’t miss out on the concerts by bands like King Khan, Dead Ghosts and The Growlers!



Antique furniture on the Vossenplein: Early birds spot the best deals, as in happens on the Vossenplein. The flea market opens daily at 6AM with stands offering clothes, furniture, bikes and old pictures from unknown soldiers. Tired of bargaining? Buy a coffee and a croque monsieur at La Clef d’Or.

Fresh fruit at the Zuidmarkt: Hangover or no hangover, every Sunday there is a massive market by the Midi train station. Next to fresh fruit and vegetables, you can stroll around the Moroccan market for hours.

Books at Sterling Books and Waterstones: Looking for English books? Sterling Books (near Place de la Monnaie) and Waterstones (near Rogier) are the places for you.





Among lawyers at the Palace of Justice: Jeroen Brouwers, a famous Dutch writer, called the Palace of Justice monstrous years ago, and people still do. Even though people have been remodelling the building for ages, lawyers and judges still work there. Inside the Palace you’ll encounter a set of mahogany tables with reading lights; the perfect off-campus study spot.

On the Art Mountain at the AlbertinaThe Royal Library is located on the beautiful Art Mountain, overlooking the entire city. The sight from the inside might not be as spectacular with furniture hopelessly dating back from the seventies, but it makes one of the most pleasant places to delve into your books.





In the Sonian Forest: Sick of the city smog? Refill your lungs with fresh air at the Sonian Forest. The huge forest lies at the south-eastern edge of the Brussels region and dates from the early Middle Ages. The trees are so beautiful that Auguste Rodin painted them on several occasions.

In the noisey botanical gardens of Botanique: Victor Hugo once said that Brussels has two world wonders: the Grand Place and the Botanique. The Botanique, located near the North Station, houses the beautiful gardens and also one of Belgium's most famous concert halls.

In the arty environment of Bozar: The Centre of Fine Artswas one of architect Horta's best works. Today, it serves as one of Belgium's finest museums, a concert hall and a cinema, which screens films that date back to 1920.



Not quite done exploring Brussels? Be sure to stay updated on all upcoming exhibitions, walks and tours thanks to Visit Brussels.