Study skills

The study guidance centre organizes workshops and training sessions regarding several study skills. Individual guidance is possible as well. You can contact the study advisors through the SGC-meeting point. 

You can’t find what you are looking for in the summary below. No problem, normally we can help you anyway.

Required prior knowledge

When you just started with a program, you might realize that you lack some required prior knowledge to comprehend the subject matter. For some courses, a study advisor can help you to improve your required prior knowledge. In this way, you can begin your study path well prepared.

Even if, during the course of the academic year, you notice that you lack some required prior knowledge, you can contact the study advisors for individual guidance.

Study planning

The gap between high school and higher education cannot be taken for granted. It is very important that you devise a study planning. They will come in handy on the short term as well as on the long term. Furthermore, it can help you dealing with procrastination.

Studying actively and strategically

We can help you to study independently. For that reason we can hand you an active study method. In the workshops, you can reflect on your own study method. In this way, you can generate – if necessary – other ideas regarding an active study approach.


Do you keep on postponing that one task? You don’t know where to begin in writing the master thesis? We can help you to deal with the causes of your procrastination.

Following courses and taking notes

Taking part in in an interesting discussion with your professor during the lecture, reading slides and understand them, and taking notes! Following classes is a form of art.


 You are losing your nerve? Is this program not what you expected? Are you running out of steam and you don’t know how to keep  yourself motivated.

Study tips 

Need more guidance on these topics, contact the  Meeting Point SGC