Student psychologist

The study guidance of a student psychologist focuses more on the person than on the subject material. Are you feeling fine? How are your studies going?

They offer help with all possible psycho-emotional issues related to studying, for example:

• Study choice and reorientation;
• Problems with concentration or motivation, procrastination;
• Stress, overwork, little (self)confidence in your studies;
• Anxiety, exam anxiety, fear of public speaking;
• ...

Maybe you have other (psychological) symptoms that are not listed here.
If that is the case the student psychologist can be of your help too. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Scheduling an appointment with a student psychologist is easy and can be done online:

Student psychologists

Debbi De Caluwé

Linda Willems

Naomi Beke

Rebecca Leonard

Johanna Jacobs

Katrien Vanderstappen