Special student facilities

Because we strive for equal opportunities and diversity among our students, we offer students with special needs the opportunity to request a reflex statute.


Reflex stands for reasonable flexibility. It involves making adjustments to the Teaching and Examination Regulations which are necessary to give you an equal chance during evaluations.

These flexibility measures will be considered to be reasonable when they meet three criteria:

  • Feasibility: the perspective of the student
    Taken into account your specific situation, the student needs an equal chance to succeed.
  • Acceptability: the perspective of the professor/achievement levels
    There has to be the guarantee that a task or exam keeps the same level despite the awarded flexibility.
  • Justifiability: the perspective of the fellow students
    Flexibility measures may not cause fellow students to feel disadvantaged with respect to the student seeking the measure


The following students qualify for special student facilities:

1. Students with a disability

  • Visual/auditory/motoric disability
  • Coordination disorder
  • Chronic disease
  • Learning disorder
  • Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Tic disorder
  • Psychiatric disability 

2. Working students

3. Students with the authorisation of student-representative inside the VUB

Do you think you are eligible for these special facilities but you cannot find yourself in one of the above mentioned groups? Don’t hesitate to contact begeleiding [at] vub [dot] be (Debbi de Caluwé) to assess your situation.

As an athlete you can contact the service topsport [dot] studie [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be (Topsport en Studie).

How to request Reflex?

Scheduling an appointment with a student psychologist is easy and can be done online. Your needs will be discussed during an individual interview:

Important: in order to receive special facilities, your request should be accompanied with the right professional attestation. We ask you to bring  a diagnostic report to your appointment.

After your first application, we will process your request and check the validity of your attestation. As soon as your request is approved, you will be notified and acknowledged as a reflex-student.

As a reflex-student, you are responsible for passing on the following information prior to every exam period via e-mail:

  • Your student number
  • The course(s) for which you request student facilities
  • Course title
  • The student facilities you want to request

Your contact person from the Study Guidance will pass on your request through an online tool to your professors. You will be notified by e-mail about the status of each request. Read these e-mails very carefully. It is your responsibility as a student to follow up on your requests. 

Important deadlines

  • Requests for the 1st semester: 1 December
  • Requests for the 2nd semester: 1 May
  • Request for the 2nd exam period: 15 July

Students who hand in their request after these deadlines will not be able to make an appeal to the special facilities for that semester.

Exceptional situations after these deadlines will be taken into consideration for special facilities. 


Your reflex-file will be followed up by a student psychologist and will be treated strictly confidentially. Information will only be shared with your permission.

When requesting your student facilities, we will never share the reason for your request.