Meeting Point Study Guidance Centre

The Study Guidance Centre offers personalised study guidance and is an excellent place to study. Call us, mail us or just pass by.



Jette Kaai


[A] Building F
[T] +32 (0)2 629 23 06

[A] In the Integrated Learning and
Resource Centre Jette
(ILRC, Dutch: GBLJ),
room A.053A
[T] 02 477 44 81

[T] +32 (0)2 629 23 06

[E] guidance [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be

Meeting Point

Unsure as to what kind of guidance you are looking for? No problem, visit us at the meeting point without an appointment. We will have a look together.

Note: If you are enrolled as a student at the Jette or Kaai campus, you are also welcome to make use of our Meeting Point at campus Etterbeek.

Jette Kaai

Monday to Friday
9AM - 5PM


Monday to Friday
9am - 4:30pm


Make an appointment via
guidance [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be

Study facilities

Want to work in group, study in peace or need a place to go between classes? You are very welcome at the SGC in building F. Those of you on campus Jette are welcome to study at the Integrated Learning and Resource Center (GBLJ).


Etterbeek (Building F)
(Medical library/GBLJ)

Weeks with courses,
cramming and
exam period

Incl. weeks of 2 and
9 January 2017

Monday to Thursday: 9am - 6pm

Friday: 9am - 5pm

opening hours

Course-free weeks

Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm


Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm