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Brussels Studenten Genootschap - Brussels Student Organisation

The Brussels student Organisation BSG (Brussels Studenten Genootschap) is the coordinating organ of student societies. It represents the VUB societies vis-a-vis the academic government and improves a smooth two-way communication with the university.

BSG is also in charge of the distribution of subsidies. BSG manages several facilities (amongst which the BSG room) to support the student societies.

An overview of all recognized student societies, activities, BSG services and regulations can be found on the BSG site (only in Dutch).

Faculty student Organisations

Farmaceutische Kring

unites the students of the programme: Pharmaceutical sciences (Farmaceutische wetenschappen).


Geneeskundige Kring

unites the students of the programme: Medicine (Geneeskunde).


unites the students of the programme: Applied linguistics (Toegepaste taalkunde).

Kring der Economische Politieke en Sociale Wetenschappen

unites the students of the programmes: Applied economical sciences, Political sciences and Sociology (Toegepaste Economische Wetenschappen, Politieke Wetenschappen en Sociologie).

Letteren en Wijsbegeerte Kring

unites the students of the programmes: Philosophy and moral sciences, History, Arts and archaeology, Language and literature (Wijsbegeerte en Moraalwetenschappen, Geschiedenis, Kunstwetenschappen en Archeologie, Taal- en Letterkunde).


unites the students of the programmes: Physical Education and human movement science, rehabilitation science and physiotherapy (Lichamelijke Opvoeding en Bewegingswetenschappen, Revalidatiewetenschappen en Kinesitherapie).


unites the students of the programme: Communication studies (Communicatiewetenschappen).

Polytechnische Kring

unites the students of the programmes: Engineering and Engineering: architecture (Ingenieurswetenschappen en Ingenieurswetenschappen: Architectuur).

Psycho-Ped'Agogische Kring

unites the students of the programmes: Psychology, Agogic sciences and Educational sciences (Psychologie, Agogische Wetenschappen en Onderwijskunde).

Solvay Kring

unites the students of the programme: Applied economic sciences: commercial engineer (Toegepaste Economische Wetenschappen: Handelsingenieur).

Vlaams Rechtsgenootschap

unites the students from the programme: Law and Criminology (Rechten en Criminologische Wetenschappen).

Wetenschappelijke Kring

unites the students from the programmes: Biology, Bio-engineering, Chemistry, Computersciences, Physics, Geography, Math (Biologie, Bio-ingenieurswetenschappen, Chemie, Computerwetenschappen, Fysica en Sterrekunde, Geografie en Wiskunde).


Regional Student Organisations

Regionale Kringen (only in Dutch)

‘t vat

unites the students from the region: Brussel.


unites the students from the region: Antwerpen.


unites the students from the region: kempen.


unites the students from the region: Haspengouw.

Kinneke Baba

unites the students from the region: Geraardsbergen en Oost-Vlaanderen.

Kring der Brusselse en Brabantse Studenten

unites the students from the region: Brussel-Halle-Vilvoorde.


unites the students from the region: Limburg.


Vrijzinnige Studentenkring Mechelen

unites the students from the region: Mechelen.


unites the students from the region: West Vlaanderen.

Westvlaamse Universitaire Kring 

unites the students from the region: West Vlaanderen.


Departmental Student Organisations


unites the students from the Bio-engineering programme (Bio-ingenieurswetenschappen).

Board of European Students of Technology

unites the students from all the programmes connected to technology.


unites the students from the  Engineering: architecture programme (Ingenieurswetenschappen: Architectuur).


De Brusselse Aardrijkskundige Kring (BAK)

unites the students from the Geography programme (Geografie).


is the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience



unites the students from the Computer science programme (Computerwetenschappen).


is a promotion group for economics.


Social and cultural Organisation


offers proffesional experience and international internships for students.



helps the new students of campus Jette. 


is a society for students who want to explore special beers, because there is more than Jupiler of Stella.

Break The Silence

The sound of the VUB underground! BTS is a society that organizes parties.


De gilde

is a society that focusses on singing and the VUB tradition.

Erasmus Student Network 

tries to bring erasmus students together.

Folklore academie

aims at keeping the VUB traditions alive. 


is a multiculturale student society.

Society of Weird and Mad People 

is a society for people who love playing all sort of games. 


Symfonisch orkest van de Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB-orkest)

is the VUB orchestra. Students, alumni and staff can join this orchestra.

Vrij Onderzoek

is a society that challenges and studies the principles of 'free inquiry'.

Het Vrije Podium

is a group that wants to untide students that are interested in performing arts (such as acting, film,...)


VUB players

is the theatergroup of the VUB.



is the VUB Model United Nations Team.


Political and economic Organisation

Actief Linkse Studenten (ALS)

Actief Linkse Studenten is a political student socielty with a anti capitalistic programme.


JongSocialisten VUB is a progressive socialistic student society.


Capitant is a society that wants to introduce students to the financial market. 



Comac is a society connected to the 'Partij van de Arbeid van België'.

Groene alternatieve studenten (GRAS)

A student organisation that strives for a more ecogical world.

Liberaal Vlaams Studenten Verbond (LVSV)

is a liberal student society.


Functional Organisations



Educational and Cultural Association of Brussels


international student organisation



Focusses on law students 


focusses on introducing students to the financial market


VVN Youth Chapter

is the youth department of the VVN. They focus on the international themes discussed at the UN table