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Calculation of your tuition fee

From the time of enrolment (= signing the registration contract online) you owe tuition fee to the VUB. This tuition fee consists of a fixed amount and a variable amount

  • the fixed amount is a fixed cost which is paid once per academic year
  • the variable amount is a specific amount per ECTS credit in your year programme.

The tuition fee = the fixed amount + (the variable amount x the number of registered ECTS credits).

The amount that you will pay for the fixed and the variable amount depends, among other things, on:

  • the programme you enrol in;
  • your nationality (EEA or non-EEA);
  • the number of ECTS credits that you register for;
  • whether or not you are a scholarship student;
  • the type of contract you have: a credit, exam or diploma contract 

Below you can find a general indication of the tuition fee for academic year 2017-2018. For a complete list please consult the documents below.

General indication tuition fees for 2017-2018:

Level EEA regular student non-EEA regular student
Bachelor €234,10 (fixed) + €11,20 (per ECTS) €1450 (fixed) + €25 (per ECTS)
Master €234,10 (fixed) + €11,20 (per ECTS) €1450 (fixed) + €25 (per ECTS)
PhD €453 (first and last year) €453 (first and last year)

Tuition fees for 2017-2018

Example tuition fee calculation

A non-EEA student who enrols for the Master of Science in Management (incl. the preparatory programme of 18 credits) for 78 ECTS credits will need to pay € 3.400,00 with the calculation as follows: €1450,00 (fixed amount) + €25,00 (variable amount) * 78 ECTS.

The rules that apply to the tuition fees, can be consulted in the Teaching and examination regulations (see article 64 till 70).

Amendments that affect your tuition fee

The following changes in the course of the academic year have an impact on the calculation of your tuition fee.



You will change to another VUB-programme

More info

You register extra courses

More info

You cancel courses

More info

You stop your studies

More info


Tuition fee and learning account

In order to enrol or re-enrol you need to have a positive amount of learning account, meaning at least 1 credit.
If you have a positive but limited learning account you will be charged with extra tuition fee of €11 per credit for the credits for which the balance of your learning account is negative.

As a reference the state of the learning account is taken at the time of enrolment. This is the moment when you sign the online contract by declaring you agree with the current Teaching and examination regulations (by checking the box 'enrol me ").

Tuition fee account status

Question Answer
How will you receive the tuition fee account status?

You will receive the tuition fee account status per e-mail via your VUB e-mail address (the exclusive e-mail address for all VUB-communication).

Possible reminders, notifications and/or registered items will also be sent per post to your domicile.

When will you receive the tuition fee account status?

After your registration you will receive an e-mail with the tuition fee account status and payment instructions.

You can consult the tuition fee due at all times in the Student Self-Service, under the tab main menu>selfservice>campus finances>account status.

How should I interpret my tuition fee account status?

A tuition fee account status is a snapshot, it shows the balance of your tuition fee account on the date indicated on the status. Example: the tuition fee account status of a non-EEA student enrolled for the Master of Science in Management who did not yet register courses will only indicate the fixed amount of €1450,00.

Each new tuition fee account status takes into account previous invoices, paid or not paid. The most recent tuition fee account status will therefore always indicate the total amount of tuition fee due on the date indicated on the status.

Elements you might find on your tuition fee account status

  • previous balance = the account balance at the previous invoice date
  • one or more rows with tuition fee amounts, depending on possible amendments to your registration 
  • the administrative cost of € 55,00 you are charged with in case of late tuition fee payment

Tuition fee payment

You can pay your tuition fee as follows:

Payment method Information
bank transfer All information you need for this is indicated on the tuition fee account status
SME portfolio

Training vouchers for employers are available through the SME portfolio. The VUB is an accredited education provider with the codes: 

  • DV.O103793 for bachelors, masters, advanced master and Postgraduate programmes
  • DV.O103796 for permanent training programmes

Mind the difference between the number 0 and the letter O!

The application and payment should be done through the employer SME where the student is employed. The procedure for payment by the SME portfolio is done entirely online.

Training vouchers

You can hand in your training vouchers at the Education and Student administration or send them in by registered mail.

Provide your vouchers in time and prevent waiting for a refund. Never hand in a higher amount of vouchers than is necessary to pay your tuition fee. Refunds are not possible. 

The Education and Student administration does no accept training vouchers of  students who have already obtained a diploma higher education, unless they dispose of a career counseling certificate.

Every time you pay an amount of tuition fee (and after this has been booked on the VUB account) your financial data are being updated in your Student Self-Service. There could be a couple of days in between your payment and the receipt of the amount by the university. Keep this in mind regarding your payment term.

The consequences of not paying on time

1 Reminder/notification

If you fail to pay the full amount of the tuition fee due within the period of 15 days, you will first receive a reminder and after that a notification at your domicile.

2 Additional administrative cost and service constraints

If you fail to pay the full amount of the tuition fee due within 10 days after having received the notification, you will receive a formal notice per registered mail and you will be charged with a additional administrative cost of € 55,00. The administrative services will be limited. Attestation will only be delivered after full payment of the tuition fee due. Re-enrollment for the next academic year will no longer be possible unless the balance is paid.

3 Suspension

Non-payment can also lead to suspension of your registration. In that case, you will not be allowed to participate in the exams.

Examination marks that were already obtained are considered to be non-existent.

! In no cases is the student released from the obligation to pay the amount due, together with the administrative fee.