Student Administration

The Education and Student Administration (the former Student Administration Center (SAC)) manages the administrative details of VUB students.

Student Self-Service

In your Student Self-Service you can see the administrative details that the Education and Student Administration has of you. To view your data, navigate to the tab ‘personal data’.

Please check that your data are correct. You can manage most personal data yourself. For other modifications, you can contact the Education and Student administration via e-mail.

Contact details


Education and Student administration
[A] Pleinlaan 9     
     1050 Brussels
[E] studentadministration [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be


Postal address

Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussels

Phone number

Certificates: +32 (0)2 614 86 86
Tuition fees: +32 (0)2 614 86 88
Enrolments: +32 (0)2 614 86 92
Working students: +32 (0)2 614 86 86 

Opening hours

Until 6 October 2017 the front office of the Education and Student administration will be closed.
Do you need attestation or do you have a question? Please send an email to studentadministration [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be

From 14 August until 6 October 2017

For enrollments by appointment and attestation we welcome you at the Enrollments on level -1 of building Pleinlaan 9, Mon-Fri: 10:00am – 04:00pm.
! Closed on 15 August 2017.

For other administrative matters please send an email to studentadministration [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be

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