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Which books do I need?


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All course books and other study material can be bought at the Standaard Student Shop.

Step 1: Which books do you need?

Make a list of the required books based on

  1. the compulsory and recommended course material mentioned in the online course descriptions.
  2. what the professor says in class. Sometimes he or she decides to deviate from the material listed online.

Books that are not in stock, can still be ordered.

Step 2: Buy your books

  1. at the Standaard Student Shop in Etterbeek.
  2. via the webshop (for now only for students of the faculties of Engineering, Medicine & Farmacy & Physical Education and Physiotherapy)

Campus Etterbeek

Vubtiek Etterbeek

[A] Building B, ground floor, at the corner
[T] 02 486 11 94
[E] sb [dot] etterbeekcampusvub [at] standaardboekhandel [dot] be

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  • Monday – Thursday 12:15pm -06:15pm
  • Friday 09:00am -11:00am, 12:00noon -04:00pm
Extended opening hours from 13 until 24 February
  • Monday – Thursday 11:00am -07:00pm
  • Friday 09:00am - 05:00pm