Other dining options

Next to the university restaurants there are several other dining options

Campus Etterbeek


Opinio is the café in the heart of the campus (building between E and D)

You can go there for a wide range of sandwiches and snacks. In the summer you will find here a lot of people on the terrace with a cold beer or a delicious coffee.

Open from 10am until 9pm (Monday to Friday)
Location: Between building D and E

't Complex

'T Complex is located in building L , above the entrance hall. Their card combines a quick bite with a more elaborated cuisine. There are daily suggestions.

Open from Monday to Friday: 10am - 01am
[T] 02 629 28 91

Het Kultuurkaffee

Until the spring of 2015 the legendary KultuurKaffe was the cultural heart of the VUB. As a part of the new Project XY there will be a new music hall and gallery built at the same place.

[W] http://www.kultuurkaffee.be/nl/kaffee

Brussels Health Campus

The Link

The Link is located on campus Jette, next to the student homes. They serve snacks, cold dishes and sandwiches.

Open from Monday to Friday (8am – 9pm)   

Cafetaria Univerity Hospital

The cafeteria is close to the hospital’s main entrance. Check the opening hours on their website.

Campus kaai

Resto Kaai