Prevention and safety

On this page you can find all about the safety measures of the VUB.

Safety on the campus

Security department

The Security department is your first point of contact for all sorts of problems on campus (vandalism, theft, violence, ...). When necessary they will notify the emergency services immediately.
! Please notify the Security department of any incident that takes place on campus (aggression, burglary, harassment, unwanted persons, ...).

The Security department

  • is responsible for the safety on campus
  • is present 24/7
  • patrols the whole campus and student quarters day and night
  • is equipped with a first aid kit
  • is equipped with a defibrillator (Security department Etterbeek, the defibrillator on campus Jette is available in the hall of building A)

Contact details for the Security Service

 Campus Etterbeek

Campus Jette

Campus Kaai

[A] Building F
     rotule 4, level esplanade
     (opposite the entrance
     of the student restaurant)    
     Look at the map.
[T] +32 (0)2 - 629 21 76
[E] bewaking [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be

[A] Studentenhomes
     (next to the Housing department)
     Look at the map.
[T] +32 (0)2 - 477 41 41
(Through this number you will be
connected with the
permanence surveillance for both
campuses. This may take a while.)
[E]bewakjet [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be
[T]  +32 (0)2 - 523 37 37


Emergency numbers

If you are in an emergency call the emergency number for your campus:

  • Etterbeek +32 (0)2 - 629 11 11
  • Jette +32 (0)2 - 477 61 12
  • Kaai +32 (0)2 - 520 18 10 (during business hours)
            +32 (0)2 - 559 15 55 (outside ordinary business hours)

These numbers are for emergencies only. In case of less urgent situations, you can call upon the security department.


SMS alert

The VUB informs her students through text message alerts whenever necessary. You can register for this free service on this page.


Prevention tips

Get tips to prevent burglaries and thefts >>


Evacuation exercises and evacuation points

Regularly evacuation exercises are held on the campuses. These exercises aim to make the VUB students and employees familiar with the alarm signal and to evaluate the evacuation routes and time required for the evacuation of several buildings. Everyone is therefore invited to participate in the exercise.

Assembly stations for the various buildings:

More information about emergency procedures and evacuation exercises is available here (in Dutch only).


Technical defect

If you find a technical defect in or around a building on campus you can report this for follow up with an e-mail to infradesk [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be