In order to be successful in your doctoral trajectory, good and qualitative support is indispensable. Although a high level of independence and self-confidence is asked of you, that doesn’t mean that you have to do everything on your own.  Your supervisor is there to guide you with his enthusiasm and expertise, which you can keenly take advantage of. See below for a detailed overview of the profile of ‘the good supervisor’. Discuss with your supervisor to what extent you prefer this collaboration and make concrete agreements on both the short and long term. These things can of course be negotiated at all times.  

In addition an advisory committee will watch your progress and give you the necessary feedback to raise your PhD to a higher level. You don’t have an advisory committee and you wish more feedback? Discuss with your supervisor who might be most suitable to take part in this committee and invite them for an exploratory meeting!

You are not satisfied with the supervision so far or do you have questions your supervisor cannot help you with? If it is related to administrative worries, you can always contact the Central PhD Office: check the frequently asked questions, call or drop by at our office! If your concerns are more related to the supervision itself, you might want to make an appointment with our ombudsperson. See below for more information.

If  you are feeling “off” lately and have the feeling that you cannot talk about to your supervisor or colleagues, you might want to talk about it with a professional of CAW, who offer psychosocial support to all students, including PhD candidates. You can make an appointment via the following number: 02/629 23 45.

In the near future you will have the possibility to choose a buddy – someone who can help you with problems related to your PhD in an informal way– be it related to the content or rather to the process itself. More information coming soon.


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