Progress Monitoring


Deadline and procedure

Each academic year, before 1st May at the latest, registered PhD students are obliged to submit an annual report outlining the progress they have made in their PhD research. The annual progress report will be assessed by the PhD Progress Monitoring Commission of the relevant faculty.

The decision whether or not the PhD student will be given permission to enrol for the next academic year is based on this assessment. This means that if you do not submit a progress report, you will not be able to enrol for the following year.

If the Commission is of the opinion that the PhD process is continuing favourably, the Registrar's Office will issue the PhD student with the appropriate form for automatic re-admission.

If the Commission is of the opinion that there is not enough progress, it may decide to interview the PhD student and the supervisor, if necessary in the presence of the Ombudsperson for PhD students (as requested by the PhD student). Before the end of June the Commission must report to the Rector with a full account of its reasons for advising why the PhD student should not be readmitted. 


Content of the Progress Report

Most faculties issue documents or templates which each PhD student is expected to complete and submit before 1st May of the current academic year at the latest. (go to: Faculty forms or refer to the Faculty Secretariat). These documents make up the annual progress report, in which the PhD student presents an outline of the progress made during the PhD process. All PhD students are obliged to compile and submit an annual progress report.

As specified in the PhD Regulations, an annual PhD progress report should comprise a minimum of four sections:

  1. an overview of activities dating from the end of April of the previous academic year until the end of April of the current academic year;
  2. a plan of the PhD process for the upcoming academic year;
  3. an indication of problems encountered: a description of past or possible future problems and the manner in which they were or could be dealt with;
  4. a report by the supervisor outlining the PhD student's activities.

Every faculty is free to add items to this list in its individual faculty regulations, and lay down the format of the form to be submitted. See Faculty Regulations.


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