Thesis Submission

Everything you need to know when you are about to submit your PhD thesis.

1. Enrolment

In the year of your defence, you will have to pay an enrolment fee similar to the fee of your first registration. More information on the enrolment procedure can be found here.

2. Submission of the thesis

When the PhD candidate wishes to take the PhD examination, he/she will send a written request to the Dean co-signed by the supervisor(s). This request will state the title of the PhD thesis. The PhD candidate will enclose, together with the request, one copy of his/her thesis at the faculty secretariat. The Faculty may add to the number of copies in the Supplementary Faculty Doctorate Regulations. The PhD candidate will also deliver an electronic version of his/her PhD thesis.

3. Preparation for and of the examination panel

On proposal by the supervisors, the Faculty Board will set up an examinations panel. An examinations panel consists of at least three ZAP members of the VUB and a minimum of two external members. In principle, the composition of the panel must include at least 1 person of the opposite sex. Any departures from this must be justified. In principle, all members will hold a PhD. Any departures from this must be justified. The PhD jury must consist of no more than eight voting members. The Advisory Committee may not constitute the majority of the voting members in the PhD jury. The supervisor(s) form(s) part of the jury, and in the case there is more than one supervisor the supervisors as a whole shall have a single vote. The votes of VUB members must always account for the majority of the votes cast. The chair of the examination jury appointed by the Faculty Council will under no circumstances be supervisor or co-supervisor of the PhD candidate.

For more detailed information concerning the PhD defence or other related regulations, we advise you to check the PhD regulations approved by the Academic Council on 5 October 2015.


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