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Welcome to this website for the Doctoral School of Life Sciences and Medicine. It is developed to make the academic life of PhD students in Life Sciences and Medicine more interesting, more efficient and better informed. This website will offer you direct updates on current activities of the Doctoral School, activities that are so central to the DS that they will immediately be visible when reaching the home page of the site.

However, this website aims to offer much more. It gives detailed answers to most questions concerning the Doctoral Schools in general and more specific information on the DS of Life Sciences and Medicine. (i.e. application for grants, central doctoral regulations, etc...)

It provides forms and important links.

The DS in Life Sciences and Medicine wants to support its members in an interactive way in their research, their training and their academic activities. Each academic year, our Doctoral School has the ambition to offer structure, support and follow-up to its members. By doing so, it wants to improve the process of achieving a doctoral degree in a defined period of time, but also to improve the experience of being a PhD candidate at our university and avoid a tunnel vision.
Doctoral studies in the Life Sciences and Medicine can have various set-ups, from full-time funded four year tracks to part-time activities in our University Hospital combined with clinical specializations for more than 4 years.
For this Doctoral School, the key words connecting this variety of pathways towards the doctoral degree are “good guidance and support” , “ownership” to make better programmes together with our doctoral candidates and “community” to allow doctoral candidates to meet each other and share ideas and inspirations.

The DS-lsm website is the place where all activities are announced and registered. Its home page is updated three times per week. If you want to become part of our growing DS community, then visit the website regularly and see what it has to offer you. Your ideas and proposals for new activities are very important for us.

Meet us at the weekly research seminars at 1 pm on Friday!



Yours Sincerely,

Prof. dr. Leo van Grunsven, Director




PhD United

PhD United is a group of PhD students at the VUB (medical campus), who will organize both academic and social activities to get all researchers (PhD and Postdocs) closer together.
PhD United would like to give new PhD students and Postdocs a 'welcome home' feeling at our campus. Moreover, we would like to offer a platform where networking can start at campus level.
The ultimate goal of PhD United is to make the life as a PhD student easier, no matter whether it comes to working environment or social life!

You can find us here


The Flanders Training Network Life Sciences (ƒ-TALES) is a joint training initiative of the 5 Flemish universities (Free University of Brussels, Ghent University, Hasselt University, KU Leuven and University of Antwerp) that offers top class workshops open to doctoral (and postdoctoral) researchers. Mission of this brand new training forum is to organize workshops with world-renowned speakers on hot topics in the field of Life Sciences.

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