Introduction Day for New PhD Candidates

As of academic year 2017-2018 it is compulsory for all PhD candidates (that started their research in 2017-18 or later) to follow the Introduction Day for New PhD candidates once during their PhD trajectory.

As the name suggests, the Introduction Day is meant to welcome starting PhD candidates and informs them about essential information about the VUB’s research culture: the morning session gives general information about pursuing a PhD at the VUB, the afternoon’s session focuses on scientific integrity.

The Introduction Day is organised twice a year on the campus Etterbeek (October and February), and once a year on the campus Jette (via the LSM doctoral school). It’s obliged to follow the Introduction Day once (preferably at the beginning of your PhD project).

During the week of the Introduction Day additional info sessions and workshops on publishing your articles, using PURE, intellectual property… are organised. It’s not mandatory to follow these activities, yet we strongly recommend to do so; they will allow you to take a head start into your PhD.


Questions on this compulsory part? Check FAQ below


The next Introduction Day:

Etterbeek, 12/02/2018

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FAQ Introdagen (ENG)


I heard the doctoral training at VUB was not compulsory, but what about the Introduction Days for New PhD candidates ?

The doctoral training programme at VUB is still largely free of choice, meaning that you can decide for yourself what skills you need to develop as a researcher and how you should acquire them. The doctoral schools and the central PhD Office design the offer of workshops and seminars specifically to help you in each step of your PhD trajectory.  As of academic year 2017-2018, the first day of the introduction days for new PhD candidates is compulsory, because it includes necessary information about which services to contact, how the doctoral schools operate, what is good scientific conduct and what not, etc. You still can decide afterwards if you want to make use of the interesting and free offer of workshops by the Doctoral Schools and the Central PhD Office, or not.


What can you do if you are not available on the compulsory introduction day?

 The introduction days are offered twice a year: the second week of October and the second week of February. Next to that, there is also a shorter yearly introduction day at Campus Jette. You thus have up to three opportunities to follow it in the first year since you started your PhD. If you are working abroad for a longer period of time or you have another fulltime job, you can mention this in your progress report and you will be admitted to the next academic year. Other justifications will be considered by the Doctoral Progress Monitoring Commission of each Faculty.


What are the consequences if you haven’t followed the compulsory introduction day?

 There are only consequences for PhD candidates who started their PhD from 2017-2018 onwards. In the progress report you will have to mention your attendancy with proof from your PhD portfolio. In case there is no proof and no justification, you will get a warning by the Doctoral Progress Monitoring Commission. If this is repeated in the second year, you will not be able to enroll for the next academic year.




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