PhD Portfolio


The PhD Portfolio is a new personal online documentation system for the research process allowing the PhD student to:

  • gather all data online for the annual progress report that will be submitted to the PhD Progress Monitoring Commission;
  • record optional data online regarding personal achievements in the margins of the student’s research project, which benefits the university and academia in general;
  • create a dossier of the PhD process which may be used in presentations for future employers.

The PhD Portfolio keeps track of the PhD students’ progress in the Doctoral Training Programme, offering them a clear and up-to-date overview of their educational and research activities. There are four main types of activities that are included in the Portfolio:

  1. Regular courses (bachelor, master, advanced master, post graduate ...)
  2. Doctoral Seminars and Workshops (both internal and external activities)
  3. Research Activities, e.g. publications and conference participation, papers, awards …
  4. Successful defence of the doctoral thesis

At the end of their doctoral programme, PhD Students will be able to apply for the Certificate of the Doctoral Training Programme or an attestation of the followed activities through the PhD Portfolio.

Important! Read more about the Doctoral Training Programme and its content here.



The PhD Portfolio requires the supervisor’s validation of the research activities followed by the PhD student. The validation can be done by e-mail or directly into the Portfolio. Therefore it is important that supervisors are aware of the Doctoral Training Programme and know how to use the Portfolio. You can find a manual for supervisors below.




The portfolio will be accessible for all PhD students if:

  • They are registered as a PhD student
  • The name of the supervisor has been added to the registration
  • The choice of the Doctoral School has been added to the registration


The PhD Portfolio is still under construction and will be fully operational before long.

Some features are already active:

  • All internal activities (seminars, workshops and regular courses organized by the VUB) will automatically be loaded in your personal portfolio
  • The approval flow for the supervisor and the DS-director for aforementioned activities will be functional
  • PhD students can add external activities + proof to their personal portfolio

Still to come:

  • Research related activities will automatically be migrated from Pure (previously known as R&D Net) to your portfolio
  • Once all requirements are fulfilled, the PhD students will be able to apply for the Certificate through your portfolio.








For further questions concerning the Doctoral Training Programme, the use of the PhD Portfolio or incorrect information in your portfolio: doctoral [dot] schools [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be

If you don’t have access to the PhD Portfolio, it’s most likely that your registration is not complete. In that case you should contact your Faculty Secretariat.


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