Welcome at the Doctoral School of Human Sciences (DSh)

Our doctoral school is characterised by its diversity together with its broad expertise. To keep in close touch with these resources, we have based our doctoral school on the principal of active interaction. The principle of interaction implies a dynamic model of organising the doctoral school, with input from diverse resources.

As the doctoral school we offer multiple activities to assist in extending and improving your capabilities, in succeeding in gaining a PhD. We also strongly support PhD students in setting up activities of mutual interest. We offer some predetermined formats (content seminar, master classes, ...) as explained here.

On the basis of cooperation we hope to keep closely in touch with the needs of our PhD students. With the monthly newsletter, together with the website we endeavour to keep you informed and importantly up to date.

We wish you every success in your doctoral studies and trust you will appreciate our joint collaboration.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Karen François


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