The Central PhD Office


What can the Central PhD Office (not) do for you?

The Central PhD Office is the contact point for all (prospective) PhD students at the VUB. PhD students can turn to us for all matters related to the PhD process which are not specific to their field of study. If you have field-specific queries you should refer to your supervisor.

In addition, the Central PhD Office organises a number of workshops specially targeted at PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. We also keep you posted on selected workshops offered by other VUB departments. All of these seminars are intended to offer PhD students the opportunity to develop skills which will support their research as well as their teaching abilities, but which will (at a later stage) also prove valuable outside their discipline and the academic environment. These workshops are generally free of charge. For an overview of all available workshops please click here.

All PhD related news, such as upcoming workshops, funding deadlines, etc... will be spread through the weekly e-newsletter for students. This information can also be checked at any time here: News items and workshop announcements.

The Central PhD Office does not process the applications of prospective PhD students; applications should be sent using the online tool. The Student Administration Center (SAC) and the Faculty are in charge of the admissions.

The Central PhD Office does not provide research funding itself, but can guide the PhD student through various funding options for scientific research within the VUB.




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