Non EU Exchange Possibilities


VUB has a number of agreements with Partner Universities all over the world. Depending on your faculty, it might be possible to go on exchange to one of these Non EU destinations.  



1. The International Relations & Mobility Office has checked which faculties are also offered by these partner institutions offer - Contact us on exchange [dot] outgoing [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be for the latest list of agreements. 

2. Check if these Partner Universities offer courses in your specific field of studies.

3. Get in touch with your Exchange Coordinator to discuss a potential course package you would like to propose at your non EU Host University.

4. If your Exchange Coordinator approves on your exchange, he or she can nominate you to the International Relations & Mobility Office for an exchange to a non EU destination.

5. The International Relations & Mobility Office will nominate you to the Host Institution.

6. Application Procedure: You will have to undergo the application procedure of the host institution. 

7. Once Nominated to a non EU destination you will receive an invitation to apply for scholarships with specific instructions on how to apply exactly. Find more information below. Be aware that these scholarships are competitive. At VUB only 10-15 scholarships are available. 

8. You will receive a notification about the decision of your scholarship. If you scholarship is not appointed yet, you can be placed on a reserve list. 

9. You will receive final approval from the Host Institution if you are accepted or not.

10. After your 1st exam session (June) your exchange coordinator will express final approval depending on your grade. If you do not pass this decision will be made after your second exam session in August.


Important Note: At VUB you are required to follow the same application procedure and respect the same deadlines as with the Erasmus Programme. However at the Partner Institution there might be a more complex application procedure that you are required to follow.

We thus advice you to start your search in a timely fashion to ensure you have all documentation in time for the application deadline.

These exchanges often have a limited amount of places and are more competitive to get in. If you are very motivated to go on exchange we advice you to simultaniously apply for an Erasmus exchange within Europe to ensure you can go on exchange. 




The CREPUQ - Student Exchange Program is the Canadian exchange program to go and study at one of the University in the Quebec province of Canada. No scholarship is provided, but there is a tuition fee waiver in the Canadian Host Institution. Bachelor or Master Students can go for 1 or 2 semester depending on academic availability. You can apply for the Generieke Mobiliteitsbeurs mentioned above to receive an additional scholarship. 


The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars is a non-profit educational organization located in Washington, D.C.  It provides an integrated academic and work experience that prepares college students and professionals for lives of achievement and civic engagement. The Flemish government donates each year a number of scholarships to participate in the Washington Center Internship Program for a period of 15 weeks.


Depending on the destination you pick, there are a few possibilities to get an additional scholarship. 

Below you can find a list of the exchange programs that allow you to go on exchange. You can check the additional information that is given for each program to see if you are eligible for thi. This will give you a more detailed description of the program with the admission conditions, links to the registration- and admission documents and information about the service provide by the International Relations and Mobility Office (IRMO).



“Generieke Mobilititeitsbeurzen” are extra scholarships that are provided through the Flemish government to go abroad outside of Europe to a Partner Institution of the VUB. Once you are selected for an exchange in one of VUB's partner institutions, you will be able to apply for this Scholarship Programme. 



The priority Country Programme aims at promoting exchange of students between Belgium/Flanders institution off the VUB in some priority countries: Brazil, Chili, Japan, Morocco, Mexico, USA & Russia. Bachelor & Master Students enrolled at VUB can join this program. 



Reisbeurzen are scholarships by the Flemish government for students to do an Internship or do Research in the framework of a Bachelor or Master Thesis in a country predefined by the Flemish Government. You can check more information on the current call and the countries eligible here.

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