Buddy System VUB

Help international VUB students feel at home at the VUB and in Brussels: read the testimonials and become a buddy!


20% of students at the VUB are international students. When they arrive in Brussels, they can feel a bit lost in a different culture, not knowing anyone. For this reason we have set up the Buddy system, a system where VUB students become buddies to new international students to help them get settled in Brussels. Want to become a buddy? Then read on!


  • Help your international students build a social network (take them to parties and social events, cook together…)
  • Help your international students feel at home in Brussels and at the VUB (Help them find their way around campus and town, give them tips on where to go..)
  • Answer your international students questions before and after they arrive in Belgium (connect via mail or facebook..)
  • Help in case of problems (help with language issues or administrative issues, or refer to others who could help them)
  • Join your buddies at events organized specifically for the buddy system


  • You are a VUB or EhB student
  • You have studied at the VUB or EhB for at least one semester already
  • You are social and helpful, and enjoy meeting new people
  • You are respectful of cultural and religious differences
  • You are able to communicate with relative ease in English
  • You are willing to make the time for your international students and make an effort to meet up with them and help them if they have questions


  • A chance to get to know students from all around the world: when you next travel you can meet up with familiar faces from the buddy system
  • A chance to practice your foreign languages: we try to accommodate your preferences for international students who speak specific languages
  • Meet people with similar interests: we also try to take interests and hobbies into consideration when putting together the buddy groups
  • You can get a Buddy Certificate at the end of the Semester
  • A staff member at the International Relations & Mobility Office and a buddy coordinator from ESN VUB EhB Brussels will answer your questions or concerns and help you out if you don’t know what to do with a certain question or situation


You can apply as a Buddy till 2 weeks before the new semester starts by sending a mail to buddy [at] esnvubehb [dot] org (buddy [at] esnvubehb [dot] org .)