"Prepositions in Artistic Research"- invitation symposium and closing drink

On 14 and 15 December 2017 the Arts Platform Brussels and ARTO will organise the PhD symposium ‘Prepositions in Artistic Research’ on the topic of artistic research in the Arts.


Keynote speakers are Clive Brown, Kathleen Coessens, Jean Paul Van Bendegem and Karel Vanhaesebrouck. 


On the 14th of December the symposium will be held at the VUB (U-Residence, Boulevard General Jacques 271 1050 Brussels) and on the 15th of December at the Royal Conservatory Brussels (Petit Sablon 5 1000 Brussels, room 070).


We will be closing the symposium with a drink at the Victor Bozar Café (Artistic Room) on the 15th of December at 6 pm. At 6.30 pm, Jan Michiels will give a short presentation of his new book Teatro dell' Ascolto


Free entry to the symposium, but registration is obligatory.


Please, register here before the 7th of December (also for the lunches and the drink):




More about the Symposium

Starting from specific examples of research in the arts, this two-day symposium aims to create a breeding ground for dialogue and reflection around frequent questions and problems related to artistic research.


Keynote speakers and PhD students deal with the paradoxical relationship between research ‘of’ the arts – a traditional field of inquiry within academia – and research ‘in’ the arts – artists’ research practices with artistic means and ends.


A number of questions arise in this context. What does an artistic researcher want to know, what does he know already from her/his artistic experience, how does this researcher try to objectify and to communicate his behavior towards her/his sources of knowledge? Is there a single paradigm or is there a plurality of methodological approaches to conduct successful research ‘in’ the arts, and how can those methods be distinguished from their neighboring tools in ‘traditional’ academic discourses?


The four keynote speakers will comment on these issues on different levels of abstraction. Jean Paul Van Bendegem starts from a wordplay on the hyphenation of verbs, denoting research attitudes, to ask questions about the relationship between different forms of ‘presence’ of science in the arts, and of arts in science.


In her keynote, Kathleen Coessens will situate artistic research in an ‘ecology of practices’, borrowing Isabelle Stengers’ term referring to the specificity of contextualization of scientific and artistic practices.


Clive Brown situates the methodological idiosyncrasy of artistic research, in questions of historically informed musical performance, in a historical context.


Karel Vanhaesebrouck points out that in the field of ‘theatre’ – performance on stage and audiovisual representation – the previously strict distinction between fiction and reality becomes more and more troubled, resulting in ‘ontological theatrical doubt’ (the term of Carol Martin).


Starting from this reflection, the PhD student can find and explore new lines of approach to guide his research. 


More info through kunstenplatformb [at] gmail [dot] com