Adventures in little data with Paul Ginsparg


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In 1991, prof. dr. Paul Ginsparg developed an electronic archive that enabled his colleagues to quickly share drafts of their articles among each other. ArXiv, as the repository became known, grew exponentially in its coverage and user base after the birth of the world wide web. Today, most articles in Physics and Mathematics appear on arXiv in preprint before they are published in scientific journals. Since its establishment, arXiv remains a pioneer in the field of open science.

In his lecture, Prof. Ginsparg will sketch how research is communicated within different academic fields. He will also present the exciting opportunities offered by open access repositories like arXiv for literature and usage analysis.

About Paul Ginsparg:

Paul Ginsparg is a professor at Cornell University. He teaches physics and information sciences and researches quantum field theory, string theory and quantum gravity. In 1991, he launched arXiv, the first digital repository for preprint scientific articles. For this, he was honoured as a White House Champion of Change for his contribution to Open Science.

In other words: a unique person and a unique opportunity for you to hear him live and discuss about open science challenges in our publication-driven climate!


10u00    Welcome by Vicerector of Research Policy Prof. dr. Karin Vanderkerken

10u10    Lecture Paul Ginsparg

11u30    Discussion moderated by Vicerector of Education and Student Policy Prof. dr. Jan Danckaert

12u00    Food for thought



24th of May 2017

VUB U-Residence Green Room



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