DSH - Producing Research Podcasts


This module offers an introduction to the production of research podcasts for the purposes of dissemination within both the academic community and the public at large.

In this module, we will study how to turn academic research projects and papers into audio podcasts. We will focus on what it takes to make good podcasts (both content-wise and from a technical perspective) and how to turn your research into a radio documentary or an academic interview. You will also learn how to collect and edit soundbites, interviews and contextual sounds that describe you research. Once the podcasts have been produced, we will also go through the opportunities to market them online to the wider public.

Why participate?

Given the internet boom and technological advances in recent decades, the making of radio documentaries or podcasts is no longer a privilege of FM stations. While academic papers are often only scanned through by online readers, and conferences give you only a short time to convey your research, podcasts offer an interactive medium to get your message across in a fresh and resourceful way.

Through podcasts, you can offer listeners a glimpse into the backstage of your research, depicting aspects such as the “couleur locale”, atmosphere or emotions that are crucial within your research, but do not fit within the format of a paper. Podcasts can also be used as teasers, to raise awareness about the relevance of your research and encourage listeners to read your papers.

Producing podcasts requires you to make up your mind about your research itself. Therefore, it can also help you to break through your writer’s block or provide you with a blue print for a new paper.

Moreover, the process of recording sounds and interviews for your podcast might as well help you discover new facts about your research, or even yield additional research data.


Antoon Cox, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium) & KCL








Campus Etterbeek - room D2.15

Eligibility: All PhD students are eligible.

MAX. particpants: 20

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