Advanced workshop on PhD supervision

Advanced Workshop on PhD supervision

The Advanced Workshop on PhD supervision is co-organised jointly with the VUB in collaboration with True Colours and Perco. It is designed for ULB academics who are supervising/have already supervised at least one PhD candidate.


Supervisors are all experts in many aspects related to PhD supervision. The workshop does not start from scratch. It focuses on concrete cases and on collecting, exchanging and reflecting on good practices: selection of candidates, regular monitoring and communication with candidates, team supervision, supervising international PhD candidates... Tools are presented to participants.

The results of the workshop are of direct value for supervisors and PhD candidates.


The Advanced Workshop on PhD supervision is co-organised jointly with the VUB in collaboration with True Colours and Perco. Two sessions are organized, and you can choose to follow them on Tuesdays or on Wednesdays. Please note that you have to be available on all dates before your register!

The workshop will be held in English.

True Colours

The goal of the kick-off (March 27th)is to get acquainted with each other and with the programme. Together we will decide what the group and the process will need in order to make this training successful. Solution focused communication will be introduced as a fundament for the two training days. To ensure that the training covers your needs, I ask you to bring specific topics and cases. I will collect them and use them in the preparation of the two training days. 

Day 1: Project Management and Basic Communication Skills: The first goal of day 1 is that you get tools to help PhD students adequately define the project scope and the project planning, and also to support PhD students to effectively making use of project management tools. 

Day 2 : Giving Clear and Adequate Guidance: The goal of day 2 is on coaching:

- being clear about (mutual) expectations

- giving adequate guidance (experiencing how to have impact on behaviour; exploring different leadership styles and how to adjust your style to establish effective and constructive communication with a PhD student; finding out how to effectively motivate PhD students in their long term project)

- giving accurate feedback

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Participants must be present on all days!

  • True Colours, campus Humanities, Science and Engineering, VUB
    • 27 March 2017 : from 13:00 PM until 16:30 PM in room D1.07
    • 18 April 2017 : from 9:00 AM until 17:00 PM in room D2.19
    • 02 May 2017 : from 9:00 AM until 17:00 PM in room D2.19

Wendy Van den Bulck



This two-day evidence-based and very practical training, with a trainer who worked (and struggled) for over ten years in academia himself, will help you with that.

 We start with the scientific basics of communication and leadership styles and interactions and the need for leadership style flexibility. Further, topics such as influencing and guiding others in a constructive manner, giving effective feedback and coaching and leading a team will be covered. More specific we will address topics such as: How do I make sure my PhD student becomes a good researcher and finishes his/her PhD in time? How can I coach them in overcoming their fears, procrastination, conflicts, … How does my own communication style influence these goals? How do I prepare my PhD students for a job inside and/or outside of academia?

In preparation of this course you will be asked to fill out a well-validated questionnaire on communication styles (CBS360). Based on these results, this training will allow you to formulate your own specific action plan. Your own cases and examples will be used as well as a scientific approach to training and communication. 

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Participants must be present on all days!

  • PerCo, campus Solbosch, ULB
    • 19 April 2017, from 9:00 AM until 17:00 PM
    • 03 May 2017, from 9:00 AM until 17:00 PM

Bart Van de Ven, PhD



The workshop is limited to 26 participants in total, and we aim for an equal balance between ULB and VUB supervisors. Given the success of the last editions, we recommend you to register as soon as possible.

Registrations CLOSED

You are required to be present on all dates!