Compile your personal timetable with My Timetable

The brand new app My Timetable enables VUB students and staff to compile an individueal timetable. Starting 15 September 2017 My Timetable will be a handy addition to the current timetables based on student groups.

The benefits for My Timetable

  • With this app you can just add the lessons that are relevant to you to your individual timetable. When you have a combined enrollment, you do not have to consult different timetables no more.
  • You can - before you register for courses - simulate your individual timetable to see which optional courses could overlap.
  • You can register for emails to stay informed of changes in lessons.
  • You can also add other activities, such as introduction sessions or study guidance activities.
  • To stay up to date, sync your individual timetable with your calendar.

My Timetable will go live in start-up phase: feedback is very much appreciated. The current timetables will continue to exist.

More information about the new app My Timetable >>>