VUB food assembly reopens!

The VUB Food Assembly: for fair and delicious products 

Finally, the VUB Food Assembly reopens! Every Tuesday you can pick up fair food and real artisanal products at the VUB. Create an account, order before Sunday evening and pick up your order on Tuesday, between 5pm and 6pm downstairs at building M. Then the only thing left to do is: enjoy your tasty food. Easy! 

You can find it here:

The Food Assembly network wants to provide everyone with tasty local produce and support the sustainable agriculture of the future. How? By developing short circuits to rediscover the particular regional produce, to counteract climate change and to build links between consumers and producers. Thus, this network offers a counterbalance to industrialized agriculture, which is mainly focused on mass production. 

Via the Food Assembly you buy products (vegetables and fruit, bread, meat, cheese ...) directly from the farmers. To illustrate: the farmers from the network are on average located 19 kilometers from the Food Assembly, while the ingredients of an industrial yoghurt have to travel on average 9115 km before entering your refrigerator. 

This short circuit has many advantages: farmers get a fair price for their product because intermediaries disappear, and the products you buy are locally grown or produced. Good news, because the ecological impact of apples from Belgium is, of course, much smaller than Pink Ladies from Australia. 

Not only the farmers benefit from this cooperation, but also for the consumer it offers many benefits: you know where your products come from, they are fresh and you choose healthy and sustainable food. When you pick up your order, you can even have a nice chat with the farmers who grow the products. 

In short: by ordering from the VUB Food Assembly, you contribute to a production and distribution system that is more humane, ecological and fair! 

You want to know more? Send your GreenTeam a message for any questions. (greenteam [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be (greenteam [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be))