Checklist: Things to do before you leave Brussels and head home!

Exams are coming, and after that you are probably heading home, leaving VUB and Brussels. Packing up and leaving can be a bit onerous and emotional. Moving out, sorting through your things, taking all those mementoes and souvenirs home with you, ensuring you don’t leave anything valuable behind. And then there’s the administrative stuff you need to do, which can be tedious and maybe you are unsure about what needs to be done.  

Here’s a checklist of things to remember to do, if you don’t want any complications after you’ve left:

  • Remember to hand in your ID card at the commune in Brussels where you are registered. You need to de-register so the commune knows you will be leaving/have left.
  • Be sure to check with the proprietor of your accommodation that all is sorted, closed off and the last bills have been settled.
  • Go to the bank to close your accounts and transfer any money back to your home account.
  • You are registered with Partena or another health insurance organisation – ensure that you de-register, if you do not want to incur further costs after you have left the country.
  • Those who are obtaining degrees must check with OWSA that your home address is in the system so your degree certificates can be posted to you, so do make sure you leave a forwarding address.
  • If you were at VUB on a scholarship, check what paperwork is involved before you leave (e.g. Erasmus + and Erasmus Mundus notice of departure). Especially for those of you on an Erasmus + scholarship, please remember that OWSA needs to sign your certificate of departure before you leave!

Good luck with the exams and packing up!