At the student council of May 9th.

These are the main topics discussed at the student council of May 9th:

  • Would you like to realise a ‘small great project’ in the field of development cooperation? Check the Global Minds page
  • Starting next academic year you will be able to import your individual course schedule into your Office365 Outlook calendar
  • A slight modification was made to the priority ranking used for appointing VUB student rooms. This policy will start as soon as the new student rooms in the XY project will be finished. This will enlarge the capacity of VUB student rooms, also for international students. The International Student Platform was present to defend the interest of international students.
  • After years of debate, the Student Council finally managed to agree upon a ranking of priorities for meeting or storage rooms for recognized student societies.
  • At the end, the Student Council decided to sponsor five projects, initiated by students:
    •  Make Music Not War - Comac (sponsorship) 
    • Strong Student Fun Run – bachelorstudenten L.O. (project fund) 
    • City Beats – bachelorstudenten Agogiek (project fund) 
    • Sierre Leone project - Edukado (sponsorship) 
    • Beiaardcantus – Hesbania (sponsorship) 
    • Night of den Tempus – E. Dhooge (project fund) 

More about this sponsoring possibility on MyVUB.