Care about safer cycling in Brussels? Join "Ping if you care"

Brussels is launching a project to evaluate the safety for cyclists in the city using a test panel of 500 cyclists. 

The evaluation is done in a smart way. Each cyclist of the test panel will get a button on his bike. That button communicates with your smartphone. When you are cycling and you feel unsafe on a certain spot, then you can push the button, the PING. The PING registers the location and forwards it.

We invite students who travel by bycycle to the university campuses to candidate for the test panel. Because the more cyclists can register the bottlenecks on the cycle routes to the university campuses, the more these bottlenecks can get on the list of cycling priorities in Brussels.

Interested? You can sign up by emailing elke [dot] bossaert [at] mobiel21 [dot] be (Elke Bossaert) at Mobiel 21.

More information on the PING campaign can be found on the Mobiel 21 website.