Join us in remembering the victims of the Brussels’ attacks - 22/3

Join us on Wednesday 22 March 2017

A date forever engraved into the collective memory of our city, our country and our university. At two separate but equally devastating attacks on subway station Maalbeek and Brussels International Airport, 32 civilians were killed by three suicide bombers. The offenders and their followers wanted to strike us in the heart of our tolerant society, of our humanistic values and of our freedom loving city. Yet even though they have caused irreparable suffering with their attacks of March 22nd, we are determined to never let hatred, fanaticism and intolerance gain the upper hand. We must now, more than ever, carry out the values of the Enlightenment undivided and determined.

United we stand for freedom and tolerance!

Therefore we ask you to join us in a short remembrance on Wednesday 22 March at 12:00 noon. The ceremony will take place in front of building M on campus Etterbeek and on campus Jette in Auditorium 1.