Public transport

MIVB/STIB: metro, bus, tram 

Important notes

  • Brussels has a public transport system (run by MIVB/STIB) seperate from Wallonia (TEC) and Flanders (De Lijn). Your MIVB/STIB pass won’t be valid there.
  • Night buses only ride on Fridays and Saturdays, until 3:00 (look for the ‘Noctis’ signs at the bus stops)
  • Discover the full map of metros, trams and buses offered by MIVB/STIB on the digital map

Occasional travellers: MIVB-STIB offers several options for single fares and multiple journeys

Frequent travellers: MIVB-STIB offers two options to school season tickets

1. MTB school season ticket (€90)

  • For who? Ideal for students (until 21 years old) who live in the periphery of Brussels (Diegem, Dilbeek, Groot-Bijgaarden, Kraainem, Linkebeek, Lot, Machelen, Ruisbroek, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Sint-Stevens-Woluwe, Strombeek-Bever, Vilvorde, Wemmel and Zellik)
  • Includes? Access to entire metro/bus/tram network of the MIVB/STIB + all railway stations within Brussels + all bus stops within Brussels managed by TEC and De Lijn + all bus stops of De Lijn within the periphery of Brussels 
  • More information? For detailed prices and purchasing procedures, check

2. STIB school season ticket (€50)

  • For who? Ideal for students (until 21 years old) who commute within Brussels
  • Includes? Access to entire metro/bus/tram network of the MIVB/STIB within Brussels
  • More information? For detailed prices and purchasing procedures, check

Buying a STIB school season ticket

To be able to buy a STIB school season ticket you have to submit a VUB registration certificate at the STIB sales store. You will receive registration certificates after you have signed the (re-)enrolment contract via your Student Self-Service. You will receive these within the next three weeks by post if you have a home address in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France or Luxembourg.

No more registration certificates left? Request these via this form.

Night-time travel in Brussels: Collecto

Collecto taxiCollecto is a network of collective night-taxis in Brussels, available from 11 pm until 6 am.
  • How does it work? The the taxi departs from a fixed stop (have a look at this map), on the hour and on the half hour. The taxis can drop you off at any address within Brussels.
  • How to book? Through the application on your smartphone or by phone (30 minutes in advance, 02 800 36 36)
  • First reservation? Reserve your ride at least 20 minutes prior to your preferred departure. 
  • Cost? €6 per person or €5 with a MOBIB-card. 

BUSES FROM “De Lijn” (from Limburg directly to campus Etterbeek)

The Buzzy Pazz offers studens unlimited travel on all scheduled transport of De Lijn, except on the Limburg express lines.

Campus Etterbeek are served by the buses

  • 341 Waver
  • 343 Maleizen
  • 348 Terhulpen
  • 349 Ottenburg

Campus Jette are served by the buses

  • 820 Dilbeek-Zaventem
  • 245 Brussel-Noord-Dendermonde

Long-distance buses campus Etterbeek - Limburg

Logo De LijnThis is the fastest way to travel by public transport from the communities on the routes of this buses to the campus in Etterbeek or your student accomodation in Brussels.

  • How? Via buses 68 (Bocholt-Antwerpen, onrechtstreeks), 178 (Maaseik-Brussel) and 179 (Hamont-Brussel)
  • When? Every working day, extra Elke werkdag, extra buses on Sunday and Friday evening. 
  • Cost? €4 per ride (only for sale with the driver if you present your student card)
  • The regular journey tickets, Buzzy Pazz or Omnipas can no longer be used on this line.
  • More information and timetables can, check


Logo SNCBAre you under 26 and you frequently take the train to the university? You have the choice between two formules
Important note: requesting a campus card or railpass is only possible if you can present a VUB-registration certificate and a ‘form for requesting a railway pass' (French). You can request new registrations certificates with this online form.

1. Campus Card

  • What? 10 rides with which you travel a fixed route 2 or 3 times a week within a period of 49 days. 
  • Why? In many cases its cheaper than a “Go Pass” (€50 for 10 rides, with free choice of departure and arrival)
  • Disadvantage? Can not be combined with MIVB, TEC or De Lijn. 

When you are enrolled in an interuniversity study programme and often travel between two university towns, you can ask for a Campus Card for both locations, on presentation of a certificate that you have classes in both towns.

2. School railpass

  • What? Unlimeted subscription for 1, 3 or 12 months for a fixed route.
  • Why? Most benifitial solution if you make 4 or more return travels each week. 
  • Benefits? Combination possible with MIVB, TEC or De Lijn

You can extend your Campus Card or School railpass online.

Commuting between the campuses

Campus Etterbeek – campus Jette

  • Train(ca. 50 min): direct connection (1x per hour). Bus 56 (in front of the railway station Jette) and bus 13 (backside of the railway station Jette) bring you to the stop UZ Brussel. You can also walk from the railway station in Jette to the campus in Jette within 20 minutes. 
  • Metro (ca. 60 min): indirect connection between Pétillon (Etterbeek) and Simonis (Koekelberg), with transfer in Kunst-Wet. From Simonis you can travel to UZ Brussel or campus Jette with bus 14 (fastest) or bus 13.

Campus Etterbeek – campus Kaai

  • Train + metro (ca. 45 min): direct connection between Etterbeek and Brussels-South (2x per uur). Metrolines 2 en 6 take you from Brussels-South to Kaai.
  • Metro (ca. 50 min): indirect metroconnection between Pétillon (Etterbeek) and Delacroix (Anderlecht), with transfer in Kunst-Wet.

Campus Jette – campus Kaai

  • Metro + bus (ca. 40 min): from the stop UZ Brussel you take bus 14 (snelste) or bus 13 to metrostop Simonis. From Simonis a direct metroconnection to Delacroix.