By tram to Flagey, by bike to class or take the train home on Friday night: every day you make a number of trips. The impact of these movements on the environment depend strongly on the means of transport you use.

The VUB applies the 'STOP' principle in their mobility policy. "STOP" stands for
  1. S stands for Stappen (walk)
  2. T stands for Trappen (ride a bike)
  3. O stands for Openbaar vervoer (public transport)
  4. P stands for Personenwagen (private car)

With the implementation of this principle the VUB strives for the appropriate use of the different means of transport.

I walk »

Walking is not only the healthiest way to get around, it's also the least harmful to the environment. Did you know that there is an active modes map for Brussels?


I ride my bike »

Brussels is getting more bicycle friendly every day.Thanks to Br(ik, every VUB student can use the Villo-bikes 6 months for free.


I use public transport »

As a student you travel cheap by train, tram , metro and bus in Brussels and beyond.

I drive a car »

Including alternatives as car sharing and carpooling

As a university in a large city, we want to limit the impact of all movements to and from our campuses. We focus on soft mobility and public transport. We continuously strive for easily accessible campuses, for safe access roads and an efficient public transport.