Lounge Bar 1050

The lounge bar on the Humanities, Sciences and Engineering campus is available for rent by students and student organisations.

Thanks to the Student Council, students and staff can use the Lounge Bar 1050 (the former Convivium) for free to organize public activities.


The only thing you have to do for this is to acknowledge the user regulations and make a reservation by filling out this form. At the latest the next working day you will receive a message letting you know whether or not you can carry out your plans.

If allowed, we will publish your activity in the event calendar on MY.VUB. There you can  also check on which dates the Lounge Bar 1050 will be free or occupied.


All activities need to be accessible for all. To rent this space for one day or a week-end we charge 35 euro, which covers only the small costs. Users are responsible themselves for cleaning up after their activity.  More details can be found in the user regulations.


  • Studentenwerking [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be
  • Phone Student information hub: 02/629 20 10