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[for academic year 2016-2017 we refer to this programme as "Management Science". From 2017-2018 onward, we talk about the "International Business" programme.]

The MSc in International Business is a 2-year, full-time (daytime) programme organised by the Solvay Business School of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

It targets students - both Belgian and foreign - with a bachelor degree in Business Economics or Management who are looking for an English-language master programme with a distinct international flavour in an international setting.
Classes are mostly taught during the day; there is no evening programme.

The concept behind the selection of the courses in the programme is straightforward. There are essentially three types of courses: courses that deal with today's international economic context, advanced business courses, and courses on the intersection of these two fields; that is, courses that are all about 'doing business in an international context', including a hands-on internship in a (multinational) company.

In the second year, students are allowed to personalise their curriculum by picking 24 ECTS of elective courses. The list of electives contains courses with an international focus and there are business and IT related courses.


Information session for new students 2017-18

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Programme 2017-18

From 2017-2018 onward, we talk about the "International Business" programme.

Programme overview for 2017-18 (in pdf)

MSc in International Business (link to the official programme website)


Application procedure

On this website, you find the latest information on how to apply for the next entry (academic year 2017-2018, starting in September 2017).



Pre- and co-requisites

These pre- and  co-requisites are strong admission requirements during the preparatory and master programme.

pre-requisite is a course you must have completed successfully in order to start another course.

co-requisite is a course you must be enrolled for at the same time with another course (if you haven't completed it yet). 

Here is the list of pre- and co-requisites for 2016-2017:

Pre- and co-requisites MSc in Management Science


Practical information

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