Requesting events

On this page you learn how to request tent parties and other events.

Tent parties

The request for hosting a tent party is done in three steps:

  1. Requesting the tent: As a student organisations affiliated with the Brussels student society BSG submit their request to use the tent to BSG by e-mail: bsggtgv [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be. They must do this at the start of the academic year, the data will be definitively assigned via a lottery draw. The BSG will apply for the use of the tent at the department Infradesk.

    For student organisations that are affiliated with the BSG the price of the tent is as follows:
    - Complete: € 900 (sound until 5:00am)
    - Sound and beverage dispensation stops at 4:00am: €600
    - Sound and beverage dispensation stops at 24:00 or 0u00: €450

    On the day of the tent party the security guards will check whether the conditions of the safety plan and the floor plan (see below) have been met.

  2. The safety plan and the floor plan: the safety plan serves as a guideline when organising a party or event on campus. It indicates the most important elements when it comes to safety and organisation.

    Every organiser needs to hand in the completed safety plan (only available in Dutch) and floor plan (only available in Dutch), at least 14 days prior to the planned party, via e-mail to the VUB Security Service, infradesk [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be.

    As soon as the safety plan is given a favourable device, all other VUB-departments involved in supporting events or parties, will be notified of the plan. This allows them to incorporate the event or party in their own planning and to provide the necessary support for the organisers, if requested.

  3. Electricity and water: this needs to be requested in a separate e-mail to infradesk [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be, with the specific mention that it concerns a request for electricity and water.
    Clearly state the name and date of your party in your e-mail.

Activities during weekdays or weekends (hazing activities, …)

For these activities official permission is necessary, to avoid conflicts with other activities and to guarantee safety. Permission needs to be requested via infradesk [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be.

The following aspects need to be listed in your request:

  • Where will the activities take place
  • When will the activities take place
  • Who is organising the activities (+contact details, including a mobile phone number)
  • Description of the activities


Permission for a campfire or BBQ is requested through this form and handed in at the Security Service. Also state on the form:

  • Does it concern a campfire or a BBQ?
  • The expected number of attendants
  • Start time and end time of the campfire/BBQ

Esplanade activities

For promotional activities on the Esplanade (restaurant entrance, building D, Crazy Copy, ...), such as flyering, mini events, information displays, waffle sales or charity collections, there is an easy procedure. You can request permission needs to be requested. Find out all about organising activities on the esplanade.