Wireless internet

On campus Etterbeek you can choose from 2 wireless networks:

VUBnext: VUB’s wireless network for students and staff
Eduroam: an international project that allows users of other institutions to log into wireless networks using the username and password they use in their own institution.

On campus Jette VUBnext is available in all auditoriums, in some classrooms and in the library.

Login credentials

Log on using your NetID and password*

For VUBnext
Use your NetID and password
e.g. jvmodal and abc123

For Eduroam

  • VUB student:Use your NetID(at)vub.ac.be and password
    e.g. jvmodal(at)vub.ac.be and abc123
  • Non VUB student: log on onto the Eduroam wireless network using your Eduroam identity and the corresponding password as definied by your alma mater
*Depending on your device, you may be asked to adjust the configuration. More info on this can be found on the website of vubnet.

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