NetID and VUB e-mail address

The VUB network (VUBnet) grants you access to the Internet. Before you can use the VUBnet you must activate your network identity (NetID and password) and create a VUB e-mail address.


You can activate your NetID and create your VUB e-mail address on your Personal Account Manager.

This is done based on your enrolment number [1] and the PIN-code [2] on your student ID card. Most likely you will receive this information per e-mail also, even before receiving your student ID card.

You will receive your NetID and e-mail address within 24 hours of completing the account request procedure.

TIP: When creating your password, pay attention to the type of keyboard you are using (AZERTY or QWERTY), whether Shift- Lock and/or the numeric keypad are active

VUB applications

You need your NetID and password

  • to access your VUB e-mail account: messages from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel related to cancelled lessons, classroom changes, exam results, etc. are only sent to your VUB e-mail address.
  • to access the learning platform PointCarré, which offers a wide range of e-tools (course calendar, course materials, forums, exercises, etc.)
  • to access wireless internet
  • to access your Student Self-Service

Forgot your password?

Then you can use your secret question to set up a new password via the Personal Account Manager. On this page you need to click "lost your password or NetId".

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