Health & wellbeing

The VUB provides medical and psychological services to her students. These services are all located on or close to the campuses.

Medical consultation»

At the Universitaire Groepspraktijk VUB you can go to the doctor on both campuses. All consultations are by appointment and should be paid in cash.

For more practical information (address, opening hours, ... ) and the online agenda only one address:

Doctor after hours on call - TerraNova

A doctor after hours on call - TerraNova - is available at the Universitaire Groepspraktijk VUB (Schoofslaan 8, 1160 Brussels, behind super market Colruyt):

  • every workday 08:00pm - 11:30pm
  • weekends and holidays 08:00am - 11:30pm

Dental consultation »

Both campus Etterbeek and campus Jette have a dental clinic. All consultations are by appointment and will be charged at the national health service price. For an appointment with the dentist in Etterbeek, you can visit the website of Universitaire Groepspraktijk. Make an appointment via 02 - 629 23 00.

You can contact the dentist in at campus Jette by phone ( 02 - 477 49 20 ). This clinic is located at the Dental Clinic (building K), Laarbeeklaan 103 - 1090 Brussels.



The group practice Kinetiek offers spine rehabilitation, (top)sports rehabilitation and physiotherapy for extremities. The practice is located on the first floor of the building U-Residence.

[E] kinetiek [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be
[T] Spine rehabilitation: 02 - 629 23 33
[T] (Top)sports rehabilitation and physiotherapy for extremities: 02 - 629 27 41


Study Guidance Centre

Mental Health Care»

Do you experience difficulties during your studies and you don't feel good about yourself? Then make an appointment with one of the student psychologists. With them you can talk in confidence and together with you they try to work out a solution for your problems.

Are you in need of psychosocial support or a good talk? Then contact CAW Brussel in person, by onthaal [dot] etterbeek [at] cawbrussel [dot] be (email), by phone (02 - 629 23 45) or chat

The front office worker can refer you to Team Begeleiding  for further follow-up. All consultations are free of charge.


Centre for unplanned pregnancy »

All activities concerning help with unplanned pregnancy are centralized in SJERP-Dilemma-VUB.

For more information and an answer to all of your questions, you can contact them.


Inappropriate behaviour: Report it!

Any kind of inappropriate behaviour on campus (intimidation, bullying, blackmail, stalking, discrimination, sexual harassment, violence, ...) can be reported via e-mail to a specific registration e-mail: ReportIt [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be. You have the free choice to only make a registration or use this as the start for professional aid or a disciplinary procedure. Discretion guaranteed.


Sports science services and exercise evaluations »

The Brussels Laboratorium voor Inspanning en TopSport (BLITS) offers recreational and professional athletes professional advice and exercises tests, sport-specific field tests and sports medicine examination.

You can find BLITS on the first floor of U-Residence.



UZ Brussel »

The Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel is part of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The UZ Brussel offers specialised care services.

Soon dermatology and urology consultations will be held at Schoofslaan 8 near campus Etterbeek:

  • Dermatology consultations will be held between 14h and 19h every Wednesday. Charged at the national health service price between 2.30 pm and 3.30 pm.
    Make an appointment.
  • Urology consultations will be held between 14h and 18h every Friday and are not charged at the national health service price. Make an appointment.